Tucson Bob
" Looking Through The Glass " Looking Through The Pain

I have something to say to you and I want you to listen,” We all know what is right . We all know what is wrong . Sooo take what you need , not what you can take or you’ll be looking through the glass , looking through your pain .

I see my planet being destroyed by my own people , by my own country . 

The U. S. A. and the U. S. Constitution have been stolen by criminals by way of trade agreements and executive orders … American criminals, in government, in the military , in banking , in the Federal Reserve .

These criminals ( usually found in family groups within secret organizations ) have been working against our Christianity , our way of life and our Republic for generations.

Can’t you see who they are yet ?

By the time you get it … they will have you … anyway they want .


Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

I’m Hanging On !

The way I went about it „, into self destruction … I’ve hurt so many people just to let it go … Let it go !

That lyric is an ‘ode’ that addresses the battle-within a conscience mind concerning the ‘war on marijuana’ , protecting our ‘Bill of Rights’ and the turmoil and the misery that the United Nations’ Amerikan-drug-wars have caused for the peoples of this world.

Sometimes doing something stupid is easily accomplished but the Amerikan drug-wars are well thought out … to make you do something stupid or to create cracks in our Republic (executive branch over-reach) though un-constitutional means ( creation of the ‘war on marijuana’ and the creation of the D.E.A. ).

I’ve been hanging on since 1971.

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

Music And Guitars / God And Country

I’ve bought my guitar in 1967 and that guitar has played me for all of these years. One could say that music, the sound of it, not its mathematics, has been my parallel universe since I fell in love with American music and the adventures involved with the writing of it …  brings with it an understanding of how much we Americans have allowed to be taken from us and about those who have done the taking.

" We all know what is right. We all know what is wrong. So take what you need not what you can take , or you will be looking though the glass … looking though your pain."

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

Why AmeriKa Sucks

I used to like, trust, and I actually felt free when I was young and before the illegal United Nations’ presidential war against Our own people began back in 1971 when the criminal-president-Nixon subverted the constitution by creating the DEA and starting a war against Americans over handling marijuana. You could say that I believed in my country, that the country was in trusted hands .

Nixon … Obama

Bush w. … Nixon

Clinton … Nixon

Bush Sr. … Nixon

All liars. All have subverted Our Law of Our Land / US Constitution. If we do not set things right after knowing what the problems are and the problems seem to be people destroying Our way of life by way of a phony drug war and an imaginary- never-ending war against Terror … you know , we have criminals in government (agenda 21).

Subverting the United States Constitution is treason. Get it ? We have criminals running and ruining Our country. Agenda 21 is the enemy of The United States ; it makes living in America like living in Sherwood Forrest under the thumb of the Sheriff of Nottingham … everything belongs to the king / that is Agenda 21.

Read ‘Behind the Green Mask’.

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

Look ! Look At What They Have Done ! Or The Bad Work Of The AmeriKan-War-Criminal-Presidents

Fracking, HAARP, Torture, Kidnapping, Illegal Undeclared, Presidential/CIA Wars All Over Our World, Monsanto, Dow, Quantitative Easing/Devaluing American Currency, Syria, Lebanon, Drug Wars Everywhere, NSA Spying On EVERYBODY, Satan-Super-Bowl-Rituals On National Television, Corporate Satanic-Scum-Bag-Music Everywhere, Fake Heroes/sports’ Heroes/Michael Vicks etc, Katrina, Sandy, TSA, Unconstitutional-Gun-Confiscation, Appointing A War-criminal-President/Bush w., Repealing Glass-Steagall, The Criminal-Federal Reserve/IRS, The Ruination Of The Gulf Of Mexico/Nobody Goes To Jail, The Overt Subversion Of The United States Constitution ! :   …. Agenda 21, Agenda 21, Agenda 21, Agenda 21, Agenda 21, Agenda 21, Agenda 21, Agenda 21, Agenda 21, … 

Wake up, smell the fumes, get a clue, register and vote, get in the way …

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

Fracking and HAARPing / Crash And Burn Or How The Defense Dept. And The Oil Industry Team Up To Kill People Coast To Coast .

Hey Walley ? 

Yeah ?

Let’s trash the Earth.  Fracking can ruin Water and Earth!

Yeah, Let’s do that!

Hey Walley ?

Lets heat up the stratosphere and steer the jet stream so we can cause perfect storms. Let’s kill our citizens with rain and flood and polluted run-off.

Yeah, but haven’t we been doing that a lot lately ?   Andrew/ Katrina / Sandy /

Hey Walley ?

Yeah ?

Let’s do it anyway .

Can HAARP cause Earth-Quakes ?

Yeah. If you aim It’s sound-waves into the Earth .

Well… we’ve been doing that too … Haiti / Japan / 

Does Walley and his friend sound like something you are seeing over and over ?

Just asking .

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

HAARP In Colorado Or Big Fat Pigs In Congress

If you were a big fat pig that hates marijuana and free-thinking people and you have a weather weapon that can destroy regions by drought or flood … or say that same big fat pig wants your oil, or your gold, or your rare minerals … only a pig would wipe out Boulder, Colorado, a place where Human Beings have exorcized their political will and have made marijuana legal to handle for Colorado citizens .

Big Fat Pigs in Congress have been secretly funding death weapons. The big fat pigs in Congress must be replaced, they have funded the destruction of our nation, our culture and our world … micro-wave cannons, lazer cannons , Haarp … the big fat pigs in Congress are traitors to our written law/U.S. Constitution … the big fat pigs fund death.

Sound crazy ? How about a two and a half year illegal undeclared U. S. Presidential war in Syria using American-tax-payer-dollars … in Syria , for murder-by-drone : our president is a liar and a war criminal and so is the U. S. Congress … it is clear for all to see. All of these criminals-in-The U. S. Congress must be held accountable for their real crimes not like ‘little’ Johnny who gets railroaded for a make-beleive crime like handling marijuana.

Maybe Americans should stop peeing into jars on command in order to qualify for government or corporate work … duhhhh!

How embarrassing it is for Americans of Conscience ; Our Country has been turned into a type of death and money machine for the world’s mafia.

Too bad, so sad … poor fat and stupid drug-warrior afflicted people ! Do some sit-ups or something , stop eating so much , try to remember yourself as a Human Being as opposed to what you are pretending to be in order to survive in America’s ‘Death Machine”.

Weather Wars are real and citizens in Colorado and New Mexico are now finding out what ‘AmeriKa’s Weather Wars’ are all about … destroying ‘The United States’ in favor of a ‘New World Order’.

Had enough ? 

Then get off your ass and start researching this stuff and then organize , like the marijuana-people are doing.

Recycle, grow your own food , make a difference/write a song , paint a picture and sing it everywhere , paint your protests everywhere … make a difference , fight the beast , that our Bible has warned us about … be a member of your own ‘self-improvement camp’ . 

We are a great people, we have been fooled by criminals in our own government and in the banking industry and now Agenda 21, these criminals from with-in, and the United Nations have conquered and trapped our people with  United Nations’ rules and regulations.

I wanna go home ! … back to my America … the real land of the Free !

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse

Points Of Confusion … Monied Families And Their Political Shills

I have mentioned my ‘family’ in paragraphs that I have written in the past .  My family are good people but they are wrong, just like the republican shill Inglis who has received plenty of dollars from my family. 

' We did it but but we did not do it' or What is the definition of 'is' or 'sub-prime loans, derivatives and credit default swaps' and 'murder-by-drone' are part of what those dollars paid for.

I like corporations and I like my money but what I do not like are the corporate shills like Inglis who have subverted our law in favor of fascism. We are Americans not one-worlders, we are a constitutional republic that has been ruined by shills like Inglis.

I’m sure he is a cool guy but what he has done is, he has set my family loose on America and none of us ever come in last when it comes to making money … that means in any contest with my family America will come in last!

So good luck. Money is speech, corporations are money … it takes a lot of money and a lot of political shills to subvert our law / constitution to the extent that we have fallen     into fascism.

Inglis and his corporate masters should be ashamed of themselves for their subversion of our Law. Actually the entire state of South Carolina should be hanging her head in shame instead of electing war mongering globalists to represent her.

I’m in Washington State. I love it here. Marijuana is legal (no ‘rear-veiw mirror’ syndrome here in Washington State) despite the fact that Agenda 21 has consumed this state. The problem is the United Nations’ supremacy by treaty and agreement over United States Constitutional Law . Agenda 21 is our nation’s most dangerous enemy, the federal government is occupied by globalist traitors who are destroying our security and our freedoms and our ability to choose by way of a government shill like Inglis who would have us fall to fascism. I do not trust the United States Government to honor our people over issues of choice as defined by Our U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights.

Inglis should play the bagpipes, it makes war-music.

The ‘paid for’ Obama has difficulty with truth. He is a liar.

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.