Tucson Bob
9 / 11 

We all saw three implosions … we all received 0 answers … Our United States has been betrayed by Its own leadership in government and at the Pentagon and we all know it .Now we need to prove it !

Presidential kill lists , murder-by-drone , kidnapping and torture and crimes against humanity are the products produced by the ’ 9 / 11 Criminals ’ .

Let’s get involved and put these traitors in jail.

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.


How much more ? How much more are we to put up with … from these criminals in banking and government and the military ?

How much more Agenda 21 are we going to be deceived into ? If you do not know what Agenda 21 is , then you are the fly that never saw the spider that ate him … fool! Read…

'What Does This Tell You?' performed by Bob Inglis in the great American folk blues tradition at a party in Nashville last winter at 'Douglas Corner'.

" Looking Through The Glass " Looking Through The Pain

I have something to say to you and I want you to listen,” We all know what is right . We all know what is wrong . Sooo take what you need , not what you can take or you’ll be looking through the glass , looking through your pain .

I see my planet being destroyed by my own people , by my own country . 

The U. S. A. and the U. S. Constitution have been stolen by criminals by way of trade agreements and executive orders … American criminals, in government, in the military , in banking , in the Federal Reserve .

These criminals ( usually found in family groups within secret organizations ) have been working against our Christianity , our way of life and our Republic for generations.

Can’t you see who they are yet ?

By the time you get it … they will have you … anyway they want .


Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

I’m Hanging On !

The way I went about it „, into self destruction … I’ve hurt so many people just to let it go … Let it go !

That lyric is an ‘ode’ that addresses the battle-within a conscience mind concerning the ‘war on marijuana’ , protecting our ‘Bill of Rights’ and the turmoil and the misery that the United Nations’ Amerikan-drug-wars have caused for the peoples of this world.

Sometimes doing something stupid is easily accomplished but the Amerikan drug-wars are well thought out … to make you do something stupid or to create cracks in our Republic (executive branch over-reach) though un-constitutional means ( creation of the ‘war on marijuana’ and the creation of the D.E.A. ).

I’ve been hanging on since 1971.

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

Music And Guitars / God And Country

I’ve bought my guitar in 1967 and that guitar has played me for all of these years. One could say that music, the sound of it, not its mathematics, has been my parallel universe since I fell in love with American music and the adventures involved with the writing of it …  brings with it an understanding of how much we Americans have allowed to be taken from us and about those who have done the taking.

" We all know what is right. We all know what is wrong. So take what you need not what you can take , or you will be looking though the glass … looking though your pain."

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.

Why AmeriKa Sucks

I used to like, trust, and I actually felt free when I was young and before the illegal United Nations’ presidential war against Our own people began back in 1971 when the criminal-president-Nixon subverted the constitution by creating the DEA and starting a war against Americans over handling marijuana. You could say that I believed in my country, that the country was in trusted hands .

Nixon … Obama

Bush w. … Nixon

Clinton … Nixon

Bush Sr. … Nixon

All liars. All have subverted Our Law of Our Land / US Constitution. If we do not set things right after knowing what the problems are and the problems seem to be people destroying Our way of life by way of a phony drug war and an imaginary- never-ending war against Terror … you know , we have criminals in government (agenda 21).

Subverting the United States Constitution is treason. Get it ? We have criminals running and ruining Our country. Agenda 21 is the enemy of The United States ; it makes living in America like living in Sherwood Forrest under the thumb of the Sheriff of Nottingham … everything belongs to the king / that is Agenda 21.

Read ‘Behind the Green Mask’.

Register and vote. Support your local organic growers. Ride a horse.