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Tucson BobOf the early ‘Tucson,’ little is known. And of that little, much is legend… Bob Inglis was first noticed by the music industry in the 1970′s.

I was at the Sign Great House in Jamaica performing in the dinner show. Tony Sylvester, producer and singer with the vocal group The Main Ingredients, approached me and complimented my musical style.

The Main Ingredients is well known for their hit Everybody Plays the Fool Sometime. At the time the song was number eight with a bullet headed for the number one hit in the country. Sylvester and family were at the dinner show celebrating the success of their song. Immediately, Sylvester recognized Inglis musical talent and invited him to join their band. Inglis first debut with The Main Ingredients was in August at Soul ‘73 opening for The Four Tops. Soul ‘73 was a black tie affair at the Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center. After this affair, the band also did a television special with Stevie Wonder, The Pointer Sisters, and Ashford and Simpson. During 1973-1974, Inglis also performed Christmas concerts with The Main Ingredients at the prestigious Apollo Theater .

In winter of 1974, Bob Inglis left the band and returned to Jamaica. Bob opened and performed at Jamaican night clubs. In the later 1970′s Bob returned to his well cherished home, America. He played a benefit concert for the Performing Arts Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The event was a $1000 a plate dinner with well honored guests such as the Tennessee governor. From 1977-1983 Bob Inglis did numerous recording sessions in California and New York. He worked with such prestigious musicians as Carlos Alomar (Dream Generator), James Gadson, Ron Brown, and Willie Bobo. Alan Sides, Andy Heermans, Mervin Loque, Johnny Rosen, Dave Mackey and Hank Sancola engineered the recordings. In the late 1980′s Inglis performed in Oaxaca City, Mexico. He excited audiences with his unique music at the renowned jazz club Las Chalotes. From 1983-1996 Inglis traveled between Florida, the Bahamas, and Europe promoting his Black Eagle CD. Renowned recording engineer/producer Andy Heermans and Inglis co- produced Black Eagle. Black Eagle is a commentary on the Iran Contra Affair.

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Bob Inglis– Also known as Tucson Bob the Political Surfer
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